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To paint your welded steel pipe is a necessary choice if you want your pipe has a longer lifespan. Although
Oil&Gas pipeline is durable and has long service life, the surface of the steel pipe will rust through oxidization from water contact. In order to paint your welded steel pipe, you may need to prepare things you will need, like wire wool, hand brush, solvent-based cleaner, cloth, zinc phosphate paint primer, stir stick, paintbrush, polyurethane acrylic paint, safety glasses, protective gloves, respirator and so forth.

First of all, remove the surface rust from the welded steel pipe using wire wool. The stainless steel pipe fittings manufacturer can help sweep up rust particles and keep the work area clear of dust.

Second, scrub off all grease and oil stains from the surface of the pipe by using a solvent-based cleaner and cloth. Wait for the welded steel pipe to dry naturally.

Third, mix the paint primer to a uniform consistency. Zinc phosphate paint primer will be a better choice since the zinc forms a barrier that acts as an anode in the electrochemical corrosion process and deflects pitting on the carbon steel. Load the primer on the paintbrush and add a thick coat to the steel pipe. Allow it to dry naturally.

Fourth, add a coat of paint to the industrial stainless steel seamless pipe surface. To prevent pipe contamination, you are advised to wipe up any paint that enters the ends of an uninstalled welded steel pipe. Add the second coat to the surface of the steel pipe after the first coat has dry naturally. Then paint a final coat of polyurethane acrylic over the surface of the welded steel pipe.

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