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The rise of steel pipe production technology development began in the bicycle manufacturing industry. The early part of the nineteenth Century oil development, the period of two World War Ship, boiler manufacturing, aircraft manufacturing, power boiler after the Second World War, the development of chemical industry and oil and gas drilling Mining and transportation, are promoted in the yield and the quality of varieties, on the development of steel tube industry. Steel industry production technology not only developed rapidly, and bring forth the new through the old, stainless steel pipe fittings manufacturer in iron and steel industry plays an irreplaceable position. The development of China's iron and steel witness the following stage.

The development process of China's steel industry and production capacity reached. New China was founded in the vast expanse of the motherland, only having a drawing furnace welded steel pipe simple machine and 10 sets of dispersion In the drawing forming several city, pipe welding machine, manual welding or simple mechanical exhaust welding. Then the foundation period was coming. Anshan Iron and steel industry is the cradle of Chinese. Countries stipulate in the steel construction design file recovery. Anshan Iron and steel company hired design experts and production experts from the Soviet Union and sent so many people to the Soviet Union, learning, so training a large number of talents in the steel pipe production technology. At the time it is good for laying the foundation for the technical and management of China's steel industry development.

Then in the 60 to 70 years of production technology popularization stage, China's steel industry during this period to obtain the popularization and development of certain. Of course, in the period of the Cultural Revolution was quite destruction. In this period, countries meet the need for large diameter seamless steel tube through importing a complete set of automatic tube rolling mills and the corresponding oil casing processing equipment from the Soviet Union. The next step is to improve and develop period. Since the 80's beginning, because of the implementation of the national policy of reform and opening, to develop the productive forces, production technology to improve, not satisfied with the low technology and low quality of production, so resulting in the broad participation in international exchanges, the introduction of advanced technology. Steel pipe is very important for improving the economic development and people's quality of life of national relations, far more than other steel. From the people's daily appliances, furniture, water supply and drainage, gas supply, ventilation and heating facilities to all kinds of agricultural machinery equipment manufacturing, underground resources development, national defense and space use guns, bullets, missiles, rockets and so cannot do without steel.

There are emerging all kinds of steel pipe, including black steel pipe etc. Because of steel tube and human life, production activities are inseparable, steel industry production technology not only developed rapidly, and bring forth the new through the old, steel production in iron and steel industry plays an irreplaceable position.See more at:large diameter stainless steel seamless pipe  stainless steel welded pipe

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