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In industrial field, stainless welded steel pipe is important and popular both at home and abroad. There are diverse types and sizes available in the market and online shops that if someone has a requirement, he can find one proper easily. With specially treated and designed, pipes are in diverse patterns used in almost everywhere. They are all now more durable and versatile compared to the previous products.

What is stainless steel pipe?
In the common sense, Oil&Gas pipeline is nothing but an alloy of iron and carbon with chromium content from certain percent. The welded steel pipe is a type of pipe and fittings used universal. It has different types as well. When it comes to the stainless features, welded pipe has great advantage in this aspect. As with the history of stainless steel, 20th century when dated back to. And after time it was found that by mixing certain amount of metal chromium it not only added bright shine and gloss but also made it corrosion resistance. And this property of stainless steel makes it stand apart from other metals.

What are difference between welded or non industrial stainless steel seamless pipe?
When the steel pipe is welded, it will be more durable and corrosion resistant. Non welded and coated steel is a normal one. When welded, the steel pipe is stainless and long service time. Commonly, regular steels and in fact several other metals are often coated or plated with white metals such as chromium, nickel or zinc to shield their surfaces or to give other surface characteristics. When there is a need, the welded ones are suggested to be chosen. API steel pipe and other types are available to be selected.

The stainless steel pipe fittings manufacturer is all over the place. It has the characteristic of rust resistant. Besides, diverse valuable properties embedded in it make it suitable for array of uses. It can be found in home yard, building, industries and other areas. With the new properties, the pipes are more popular. For a better utilization, the quality and design of pipe should be super and suitable.  

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